How to get what you want and feel happy.

note to self 2

Don’t stand in your own way letting your life run on repeat of old negative patterns that steal your dreams or happiness.

Take the time to learn about yourself, invest in your mind, look to the future, use your imagination, dream.

Review what you want every day, it’s never too late you just have to start by working out what you want.

Start with a vision, ask yourself what do I want? If you don’t know ask yourself what don’t I want? You can look at different areas of your life, such as Relationships at home, Career, Health, Wealth, Happiness, or whatever you choose.

Then get clear on what you want.

Example : I want to feel calm and peaceful and calm.

1-What do you want? Get clear and say it.  I want to feel calm an peaceful.
2-Ask yourself if you can have it or do it.  Yes I can, I have felt and had it many times in the past.
3-Tell yourself and others that you will. I will focus on what I need to learn to become calm and I will tell others.
4-Go on and do it, have it, be it. I will imagine how I will feel wham I am calm, I will see it on my mind and believe it is happening already, just thinking about it feels calmer already, I am calm!
It’s up to you, it takes a little time and focus, with me I know I don’t want to feel anxious but I focused on the anxiety, the problem.

By using this method, I focused on moving into peace and calm, I practiced calm, I believed I could have it and I became less anxious instantly.

Get clear on whatever it is you want, however large or small, and practice making it happen.

Have fun with it, be a deliberate creator, focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

Good luck and enjoy xo


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