Seriously – Stop being so serious.


I too am often found following my thoughts down the stream of shitty thoughts worry anxiety and dread.

We are disappointed at life, it wasn’t meant to be so complicated and painful, all the books we read as children talked of fairy tales and happy endings, our parents did the best they could trying to deal with their own heartache and misery.

I work with many clients who are so stuck in their past, it sucks the life out of them, I am the same when I let myself dip my toe in.

Our families are messed up, so were theirs and back it goes… So stop it with you, stop it by being less serious about every tiny thing.

Sometimes I wake up with a heavy feeling and if I allow it that feeling blows out any spark of happiness.

So what can we do?

Remember your life is an amazing part of the whole universe , you are a fairy tale 🙂

We are meant to be happy, to be happy you have to bring it, let go of your past & future worries and shine the light on your kick ass, crazy, unique self. Screw the automatic response to be soooooo serious, just for a day, a week, a month.

Last week I made a call to college for my son and got a chilly response from the lady on the other end of the call, rather than dive in to her shitty serious pool of grrrrrrr, I stood back ( In my monkey mind ) and I smiled, yes smiling even on the phone works wonders and I used a little humour, a little kindness and tadaaaaaaa, she melted and I know she was smiling too.

I use such magic on my children, my stressed out husband and even my clients at times, it is wonderful to break up the serious lives we all live from time to time.

What are you over thinking & taking far too seriously, I mean come on we are all just talking monkeys?

I challenge you to 7 days of breaking up with Mr Serious, see how it goes, you never know you might just love it. xo

P.S Eat banananananananananas too, happy food.


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