Get out of your own way or get eaten by sharks.

stop making the same old mistakes

We live life on repeat, with a gazillion crappy habits.

Rarely stopping to learn what triggers us to make the mistakes over and over.

We are masters of distraction blocking out the sharks lurking below the surface.

Most people who succeed in happiness are committed to learning and making the changes necessary for a fabulous life, knowing about the sharks they are ok because they are prepared for when they hear the theme music from Jaws.

They are shark proof.

I can struggle with anxiety as excess cortisol floods my system triggered by past pain stories, my mid life crisis Mummy hormones and trillions of other small stuff.

Yet I continue to fuel the anxiety, I drink coffee, snack on bread and eat sweet stuff most days.

I often spend my precious leisure time with anxious people, and I worry about my loved ones, money, health and happiness.

These are just a few of my daily crappy habits, the mistakes I repeat.

  • I am however learning, pulling back more from other people’s insecurities as I step into my own skin fully owning it.
  • I tell myself to breathe and my shoulders to move down from my ears several times a day. ( Doing it now as I write)
  • I listen to my body, I choose to relax, I invest in myself, I am learning to let go of old crap and say yes to fun and adventure.
  • I understand the sharks are scary but they only awaken when I feed them often pointless automatically generated stress.

This week, look at your daily habits that may be stealing your glee, they are often seemingly insignificant things. ( Shoulders by ears, clenched jaw, biscuits, people you are around…)

You can set yourself free from yourself, if you would just stop and check in, focus on your daily habits and work out which ones fuel your stress or develop your bliss.


Have a fun week xo


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