Are you a victim of victim’s ?

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Give yourself permission to stop rescuing everyone, especially drama creating victims, who spend a lot of time focusing on the negative, looking for pity and being too needy.

Whilst it may seem the kind thing to do to rescue these people, you may be actually enabling them.

Life is too short to spend with people who suck out the little bit of happiness you have inside of you, or who lean on you over and over again leaving you feeling guilty if you say no to their demands.

Choose to be around people who are not addicted to misery, chaos or drama.
Who don’t stop to think you too have a life of your own that may be causing you pain.

No one has an easy life, we each have our pain and fears.

Surround yourself mostly with people who inspire you and who support you, as you do for them.

Don’t be manipulated to feel guilty, other peoples behaviour or needs is not your responsibility.

So if you are spending a lot of time with someone who centres the conversation to their needs, who jumps in as you are talking with their story, who is only listening so they can talk, who gets shitty when you aren’t available, ask yourself how did that feel? Was is lovely, probably not?

One of the biggest problems with relationships is we feel we need to correct or fix, even rescue, when often we just need to listen.
Listen to the person talking and listen to your heart.

As a coach I hear this over and over and indeed can be found wearing all of the above hats, but I am working on standing back, being a better observer and not being so needy to be heard.
I am moving away from Victimland, I don’t want to live there, or even visit others who do.

Be mindful of your words, your actions and your intentions.
Choose kindness, but not over your own happiness.
Use your powers wisely and be ok with stepping off the drama train.

Love Cxo


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