It’s ok to cry.


Often in my work I hear, ’Sorry’ when someone sheds a tear or ‘ What’s wrong with me, why am I crying?’
Well, there is nothing wrong and never ever say sorry for crying, it’s a real emotion.

The more you block your emotions the more chaos your mind and body will be in.
E-Motion = Energy in motion, they are meant to move.

Remember, we are the full spectrum of emotions, like nature we change from moment to moment dependent on our mental and physical environment.

You can be the beautiful glass Christmas tree bauble, the thick skinned orange or the bouncy ball. One is very breakable and fragile, one looks good but when dropped becomes bruised and then rots away and the last one, resilient, ok to be dropped because it knows it will bounce back up.

I am all three, working on being more of the bouncy ball, but not blocking my fragile heart from showing up, I have bruises and scars, because I am all , just as you are.

Don’t hide your true self, show your beautiful, sensitive heart however you can and maybe you can help others do the same, after all wouldn’t the world be a happier place if we were ok being not ok all of the time?

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love C x


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