Stop Being So Selfish and Love Your Yourself

fairy lights
Self Love is not selfish, it’s the opposite.

Love yourself in the way you want someone else to love you.
We often go into or look for relationships to fill a hole within ourselves.

Needing someones approval comes from fear, needing to be liked comes from none love, but remember the you that is just you, is all you ever need to be.

Once you accept yourself just as you are and understand you are the one who needs your love more than any other, you will learn how to shine, how to heal and how to be bold.

Strip away all the bullshit drama, all the needy approval seeking and make a note of all the good stuff, the ok stuff, we don’t need to fake happiness or love, life isn’t a movie or magazine or facebook image, it is an individual experience.

Start today by finding one thing that is ok about you, then keep looking, I know you are a unique, one off limited edition of enormous value, take care of your precious self , love yourself and then everyone you meet will feel your light.
You my darling can be bold and dare to be kind to yourself, it feels like bliss and it changes the world.
Do one thing today that is a step towards your self love, it is the most selfless thing you can do.
When we hate or dislike ourselves we block happiness, it affects the people who love us, it hurts.
When you smile the world will smile with you, try it XO


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