It’s time to change yourself.

If you are anything like me you will know that feeling of hoping someone else will change, something else will alter or you are waiting for the right time.
Maybe YOU need to change, perhaps it’s time now for you to imagine yourself happier, fitter, richer, healthier, or whatever it is that make you feel fully alive?
I have definitely been one to hold on too tightly to things, from people, to a drawer full of carrier bags??
This week make a decision to change yourself in some way, to let go of some of the stuff that is cluttering up your life, to detach from needing others to be a certain way for you to be happy.
Stop waiting for change and be the change.
I get scared of change too, but I have learned that opening up my mind to even more possibilities of living a fabulous life needs me to change.
Instead of judging others, get your lovely little ass off the couch and make change happen yourself.
We all have the power to be more, to live a life we love and to overcome the challenges life will continue to throw at us.
I challenge you to start a chain of personal changes if there is more to you and your life as is.
It’s your call.
Take this as a message , a signal for you to move ahead and make that change XOtime to make that change


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