Why You Don’t Get Love or Happiness

born magnificent
When you try to get your love or happiness from someone else it will only push away the person or completely put that person on the defensive, to create barriers from your neediness.
Lashing out or being miserable is no way to fulfil the ever present desire to be liked and loved.
The key is in your own pocket, it’s your job to love yourself fully, to own your happiness and live it, if you don’t know how to love yourself or be happy, I promise you, you need to learn.
I have made many mistakes in this department and lack of self respect, low self worth and neediness are not the paths to your happiest life.
When you go to bed tonight, promise yourself you will take full responsibility for yourself.
How beautiful the person who is at peace with themselves, who feeds their heart with love and fun, who is kind to others because they know how lovely it is to receive an unexpected gift, message, hug.
How gorgeous is the person who radiates calm, strength and courage to stand up and be happy with who they are.
The funny thing is, these people have a limitless supply of love and happiness from within and from the outside, not because they sucked it out from other people, but because they created it themselves.
It was an inside job.
You were born magnificent, spread your wings and fly.
Step out of hiding and locking away your beautiful soul because you are hurt.
We all have pain and suffering, we move passed it when we open up and learn how to fly.
You are LOVE.


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