NO EXCUSES  – YOU need to Do This !

Life Coach Nelson Bliss

Stop what you are doing right now.

Be still, drop your shoulders from your ears, drop deeper- I bet you can, and take a slow, long breath in through your nose, deeper and deeper until your belly has expanded and your rib cage is open. Then pause.…

Hold your breath for a few seconds – you won’t die and then begin to slowly release every last bit out like carefully deflating a large strained balloon, pause then repeat.

Good – well done, do it again.

Fully breathing is the key to happiness as it gives us the mind and body balance we need to be truly happy.

An unbalanced breath is the platform for chaos on a cellular level.

It will muck up your body’s natural rhythm and how it needs to function to thrive and you will come across as needy, tense and sometimes desperate to the people you interact with.

What do you want to feel like?

Calm, healthy, fun, strong, powerful or fragile, weak, sick and panicky?

Stop and breathe your way to health and happiness.

Like brushing your teeth this must be deliberately practiced several times a day, no excuses. It will create a wave of happy, pain relieving, mind clearing, life saving endorphins.

Do it again now.


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