The Powerful Woman

woman of power  life coach nelson

Who do you spend your time with?
Do you have a lack of friends, mentors, inspirational others to help drive you forward?
Or are you around naysayers, soul suckers and poor me’s?

I am fortunate to have built up an empowering group of women in my Relaxercise class, where I get to support and feel supported in all of my endeavours, I also get the privilege of meeting some of the countries most amazing people in my coaching practice.

I know the power of spending time with other’s who speak my language, who I can teach and from whom I can learn and be inspired, it’s a two way street.

I hear stories about what other’s want to achieve, maybe they desire to run a charity group, open a flash restaurant or be a brilliant parent.

Whatever you desire, dream of or think about becoming, just take a step into your power, then find other’s who are already on that path.

I call on you to help yourself first, then reach out to helping others who want the same things and are willing to do the work.
I am not talking about rescuing, that’s not empowering, I am talking about inspiring, supporting and encouraging those who are awake and ready to go.

So, who are you around by choice?
Who do you go to for inspiration/coaching?
Who do you Mentor?
Who do you inspire?
What are you doing today that will feel powerful, true and helpful to yourself & the world?

If you would love to talk about your future or current level of happiness in life or business, I offer a 30 min consultation, it’s free of charge and there are rules.
You just have to qualify by enquiring, telling me why you would love a coach or mentor and make an appointment.

No more excuses, step up and step into your power.


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