Have the guts to rescue yourself.

rescue you - caron proctor

When you finally pull down the shutters on your ‘rescue me’ stall, take off your ‘victim badge’ and ditch your bloody awful theme tune you will at last stand a chance of real happiness.

Stop searching for someone to rescue you.

You will rescue you.

No one cares as much about your happiness as you do.
Ok, so maybe your Mum probably does, but really in the every moment part of your life, its you who is circulating the doubtful self chat, asking the questions, making the judgments.

No one can eat the nutritious yummy foods for your body – it’s a you job.
No one else can sleep for you – obviously, yet we moan because we are tired, like it’s an outside thing.
No one else can walk outside to stretch for you, well I suppose they could carry you, but as a norm I am guessing you walk with your own legs?
Oh yeah, and of course no one can breathe for you, yet we hold our breath when we are triggered as if it’s been taken away.

No one else can live inside your body, your mind your heart – just you.

Stop inviting others to rescue you, attract people who will kick your ass in a very loving way instead and let you see yourself fully.
Let others inspire you to be the most brilliant version of you.

Your seemingly complicated unsolvable problems occur for you to work out and grow.

Once you accept that your life is in your hands and I know, yes , it’s challenging and often crazy painful, you’ll step out of your pity pit and into the reality of your limitless potential for happiness.

So my friend, instead of accumulating problems and more anxiety, get into the driving seat and drive your own life, your way, if you need ‘driving lessons’ get them.

I’ve looked to be rescued, loved, appreciated when all along it had to come from within me.

I work at this every single day, still twitchy when I hear my little needy voice seeking her approval.
These days I commit to learning about myself, to being responsible for my happiness and on letting go of fear, I am over it, no more.

It feels amazing, I feel like myself, I like and love myself and it took me most of my life to feel like that, I’ll continue to rescue me first.

It may sound selfish, if it does, have a think about yourself not me, I’m guessing you are neglecting yourself deep down, feeling guilty about taking care of yourself.

Remember, if you don’t’ take care of yourself first, you are weakening your powers to support and inspire others.
Go ahead now and do one thing that is for you , created by you, desired by you and actioned by you.

Love Caron XO


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