How to have a great sex life.

sexy Life Coach Nelson

Now I have your attention, don’t worry I am not going to get all smutty 🙂

One of the biggest hurdles in our romantic relationships which blocks the sexy vibe is being in battle, being not listened too and not being understood.

At a primitive, human need level we love to belong, to be fully and unconditionally accepted.

If you want more sparks in the bedroom, start by lighting the fire of paying attention to your partners strengths, supporting their passions and being involved in their ideas and dreams.

There is an amazing passionate energy between two people when the conversation flows and each person is able to speak their truth without judgment and be fully heard and supported.

Often the sexiest thing you can give your partner is your undivided attention.

Intimacy starts with the mind.

Connection is hot when we open up our hearts to each other not just our arms.

Have a sexy weekend.



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