Chase your passion not your pension.

Caron Proctor
What the hell is happening in the world?

Life is not what I imagined and it feels as if it’s one struggle after the other.
This seems to be a common train of thought lately, not only in my business but friends and family too.
We seem to be running and yet asleep, is anyone awake to their life? I mean really, or are we going day to day, repeating the schedule?
Maybe we are half awake as these conversations are becoming increasingly common.
The good news is that there is plenty of support and help for us, if only we will take it, if only we will say ‘yes’ to a guilt free break and ‘no’ to blindly buying a quick fix.
I promise you, you have more control over your life than you realise, outside events and illness of course affect us, however it does not take away our control to make changes.
I met with a client who I had worked with last night to wish her well on her 4 month vacation to explore some of my favourite places in the world and I smiled all the way home.
She had come to me last year with little acceptance of her actual brilliance, strength and worthiness.
And now she is flying away, feeling loved, excited and alive.
I feel like a proud Momma and very inspired.

Whatever is going on for you right now, I know you can make changes. You can live your life with passion- if only you will take a break, pause, close some doors and get help ditching old baggage and learning about how amazing you are underneath all the heavy fear.
How much control do you think you have over your life?
What are you scared of?
Go beyond the limitations of fear, take a courageous step and enter a state of power.
What do you want?

Contact me if you are ready to step out of your fear and into your passion.

Love Caron XO


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