Real love is silent.

true love

If you are unsure about your relationships, take the silence test.
Be with the other in silence and see how you feel, if you feel light and calm this is good for you, if on the other hand it feels tight and restless you may want to take a step back.
Real relationships of the long lasting forever kind are built from a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect, no insecurities, no secrets, no lies.
Real relationships are cracked and flawed, complaints are made and dealt with lovingly, quietly and respectfully.
If you are less than sure about your relationship, take the test.
Your body will tell you all you need to know, trust it and relax.
Step slowly into learning who will sit by you in silence and peace.
This can be with a friend or lover.
We are not meant to be in restless, disturbing relationships, with ourselves or any others.
Pay attention to your soul, it’s usually letting you know.

Our actions are what matter in long term relationships, words can mean nothing.

Have fun in silent love xx


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