Change your energy change your life.

your energy

You Darling, have to take control and take full responsibility for your health and happiness.

I was once in a pit of self hate, wondering what the hell I had done moving away from my friends and family, secure business and starting again far away from home in NZ.

I knew I had to choose and make changes for myself if I was to keep my family together and find my long lost confident self.

After a few coughs and splutters, I stopped looking outside and I went back to basics.

I chose to move my body, then to relax, to take myself less seriously and to stop sliding deeper and deeper down the victim hole.

I chose to re study coaching.

I chose to start a new business.

I chose to make new friends.

I chose to stop eating so much crap.

I chose to stop looking for a false fix.

And I chose to move… One of the easiest ways was to put on my favourite music, dance, move my stiff, flabby body & release the ever present stress and tension.

I dusted off my fitness DvD’s

I used guided meditations, to help re programme my muddy mind.

I found myself again and I invited others to join me.

4.5 years later we are a strong group of dancing, breathing laughing meditation Queens, working together, changing energy and making connections, learning and re learning how to feel great again.

I promise you, if I can do this so can you.

Your energy will shift.

You will feel happier and healthier inside out.

In my class we do all three, Dance, Breathe and Meditate and no matter what is going on in my busy life, this changes me, brings me back to my peaceful happy self and restores my strength and calm.

  • Put on your fav music – Dance/Move/Stretch
  • Take slow long 4 part breaths before and after.
  • Play a guided meditation of your choice.
  • Relax and Replenish.


Caron X0

My class is called Relaxercise 🙂


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