Stop waiting for someone else to save you, you are worthy of your own approval.

If you need

When we become dependant upon others to fill up our happy or save us we are not taking responsibility for ourselves.

Do you look for a prince charming? Or someone else to charge up on their white horse and rescue you?
It’s easy to blame others or to need others to give to you what you need but it’s not the true way to being happy, loved, loveable and healthy.
We all have unique gifts, sometimes we forget our amazing qualities because we get distracted by our weaknesses.
Become ok with your weak points and love your uniqueness.
Learn to value yourself just as you are and change the crappy messages you keep telling yourself.
Delete Delete Delete.

  • Today be true to you, find value in yourself.
    Stop judging yourself and look for opportunities to help yourself
    Don’t worry about being accepted by others, are you fully accepting yourself?
    Don’t compare yourself with other’s, you don’t really know what’s going on for another person, only compare yourself to you.
    Pursue your dreams.
    Stop waiting for someone else to save you, create your own self worth.
  • Who is your prince charming? Your boss? Your Mother? Your lover or your friend?
    You my friend are your own saviour.
    When you truly value yourself, you will stop doing the things that harm your chances of living a healthy and happy life.
    Begin by making self awareness and acceptance a priority, you and only you are in charge of your health, wealth and happiness.
    This week, have a NO EXCUSES policy!

Have a brilliant day and own yourself XO


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