How to Stop Overthinking your Problems

stope overthinking

It seems to me most of us get so stuck because we are overthinking our problems.
What she did! What he said! How crappy I feel? How can I do this? Where do I start?

One trick to slow down your mithering monkey mind is to actually STOP.
Get up from wherever you are and change the scenery, whether it’s to another room, close your eyes, walk outside, just stop for a couple of minutes and breathe.

Then remind yourself of 10 things that are good about you, your life or your health.
Use your hands, starting with your thumb, count out ten things, no editing, no doubting just riff.
Whatever comes up is good, even something like, “ I have fingers to count on!”

After doing the 10 fingers tool, make a list of 3 things you can take action on today to clean away a worry.
It can be as simple as making a note no how you can improve your problem area, rather than what the problem is.

For example.
1- The problem churning over in my mind. “I am overweight”
The positive thought. “I will take a ten minute walk today”
2- The problem – “ I feel like I have no friends”
The positive flip – “ I will make contact with new or old friends and send them my love”
3 -The problem – “ I have no money”
The positive flip – “ I will find a better paid job, I will sell my stuff, I will raise my own value”

We feel immediately happier and more positive when we face the problem, find a solution and take action, it’s only a problem if you keep it that way.

Remember your life is a reflection of your thoughts and actions.
If the problem is bothering you so much, get help, seek advice, take action to clean it up.
You are not meant to struggle alone, stop being so mean to yourself and move out of overthinking your problems.


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