Are you sick of pretending to be happy?

It seems to me most of us feel we aren’t good enough some or all of the time, I go there occasionally but have learned it is not a place I like to be.
We have had a lifetime of being judged, told how to be, told we could do better, we must not do this, we shouldn’t do that and all that jazz.

We can live life on repeat pretending we are happy but actually feeling like crap and hating on ourselves and so the crappiness just becomes a dull ache that we get used to.

We can all be a little kinder to ourselves to begin to reverse this habit and begin to feel so much lighter.

  • Remember to pause and hear yourself as your little voices get stuck in.
    These are just old recordings, afraid and misinformed.
    Remember at any point you can recall all the strengths you have, the good times and the dreams still waiting.
  • Focus on one good thing about you today, even something as small as you did get out of bed, so many people didn’t or couldn’t.

Take the challenge to look for the beauty in you, you are reading this, that’s a positive, it means you care about something.

Have a lovely day, be kind to your mind and body, starting with kind words inside your head 🙂

Thank you for reading this.

Love Caron XOact as if


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