Dear Self Hater

love you

Caron Proctor Life Coach Nelson


Do your soul a favour and do something loving for yourself right now.
The biggest thing I have learned this year was that I was a self hater & I thought I was never good enough.
This happened slowly without me realising over many years, layer upon layer of other peoples opinions and old ghosts from my past came to remind me of my mistakes.
I became friends but not friends with other self haters.
Ewwww, how crazy !
Self love was something I thought people who were full of themselves did, but I was so wrong.
Self love is not selfish, it’s a life changer.
Here are 10 ways I learned how to love myself, try them for yourself.
1 – Notice how many negative conversations you are having with yourself about yourself and stop!
2 – Recall all the positive qualities you have. ( Come on you can find a few wink emoticon )
3 – Break up with anybody who pulls you down, tries to change you or abuses you in any way.
4 – Learn to stop, breathe, relax and be ok with yourself just as you are.
5 – Take full responsibility for yourself, for your pain and don’t blame others, it’s always your choice. You attract, you react. If the same things keeps happening look at yourself and ask yourself why do I need this person or this experience to be a certain way?
6 – Stop being so scared of all that you are, shine your light bright and the people and situations that are aligned with you will appear.
7 – Say YES to education, to a healthier mind, body and income, raise your game. Invest in yourself.
8 – Work on your passion, do it with love, do it fabulously.
9 – Seek out other people who will lift you with their success, not drag you down with their failure.
10 – Stop taking yourself so seriously, do the best you can and smile through the storms, they will pass.
At the end of the day, people will come and go, money will come and go, health will come and go, but love for yourself can be there forever if you nurture it.
I wish you all the love in the world and I urge you to value yourself each and every moment of your precious life.
Love Caron XO


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