You don’t have to empty yourself to fill other people up.



Life Coach Nelson – Caron Proctor

I finally understand I do not need to empty myself to satisfy others, I believe some people simply can never be fully satisfied with what or who I am as they themselves are empty.
My life is precious and so is yours.
Connecting with your core self, the true you and allowing yourself the time and space to be all that you are here for will fuel you with a vibrant life force.
Disconnect from anything that regularly disturbs your inner calm, you don’t have to go through your life too scared to break free.
Make room for yourself, for your soul, for your happiness.
As you come to the end of this year, step into the new by choosing to get up, live fully , love fully and breathe fully, no matter what.
Have a sparkling end to the New Year, celebrate your life and the people who have loved you just as you are.
I wish you all a new year full of delicious love, abundant health and the courage to choose yourself first.

Love Caron.


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