Dust off your wings & be Free

dust off wings

Transformational Coach Caron Proctor


I am sure you have heard it all before, clearing out your home clears out your mind, or something along those lines, so I will be kind and start with just 3 areas.

Dust off your wings and you will be free to fly higher.

After the party season, it’s not just out homes, fridges and bellies that need a good cleanse, it’s our time to refresh and restart.

Ok, so everything has an energy attached to it in some way, usually it’s emotional.
A great place to say goodbye to unwanted emotions that don’t support your divine soul is to get rid!

Here are ways to clean up your act and make space for newness.

Your wardrobe.

So, if you are anything like normal you will have 50% or more of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a year or more. I had a friend who had her wedding dress still in her wardrobe 20 years later?
Some because it doesn’t fit, never did, some because it was in the sale?? Some because you attach it to a memory.
How good will you feel when you let go of all of that and make a deal with yourself to not wear anything unless it enhances your happiness?
It’s so weird how we buy and wear clothes that we don’t feel great in?
I am guilty as charged.
Go through and check in with how do I feel when I wear that, if it is anything less that great, get rid, pass it on.

Your makeup/skincare drawer, bag, suitcase.

You do know that this stuff is a paradise for bacteria to grow?
That fabulous glitter eyeshadow you bought for the Christmas party 10 years ago and wore once is now home to a lovely family of nasties, just waiting to get onto your skin.
Body lotions are lovely, however do you really want to smear your beautiful self with plastics and toxins, chuck it out and use a delicious natural oil.
Lipsticks…arghhh, unless you love eating nasties. There are a few companies that are healthier, heres a link..http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/makeup/tips/g219/safe-non-toxic-lipstick/?slide=1
A little bit like your wardrobe, I would bet good chocolate on the fact that you are only wearing a 1/4 of your makeup/body products, the rest are resting and growing old, chuck it out.

Shoes/handbags. ( Sorry darling )
Now this is an area I am not so bad at, however I know it’s a delicate subject for many… I have asked the question many times.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
How many handbags?
How much of your money has this soaked up?
Do these items get used? Do each and everyone of them promote joy for you or are they hidden away, gathering dust?

Let go of half of your collection and feel the space in your heart and mind.
If that’s just too crazy for you, let go of one pair, one handbag and then do that again next month.

You will have a physical release when you let go and it’s great training for you to let go of other clutter in your life.
If you need help get a friend or family member to help. I’m sure there are many businesses who make a good living helping others declutter, start a business!

Strive to get a fresh start , to get balance, to get clarity and feel invigorated as you dive into your dreams this year.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, to make way for new ways, clear out the old.
Starting with these easy areas, after that go on to your fridge, the dump drawer, the box under the bed, the garage, the car, the office, the relationships, the career, the body….oh wow, just start!

Material and mental excess feels heavy, you can’t take flight , so dust off your wings and fly by starting with these 3 key areas.

I am off to do mine……. 🙂

Love Caron xo


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