Who do choose to be around?


who you choose

Caron Proctor Transformational Life Coach

So what are you willing to change this year to give yourself the best chance of true happiness?
You are creating and participating in your own destiny.

To help you begin to focus on your happiness and not your crappiness, I have pulled together 5 starter questions on the subject of relationships as this seems to be the most popular topic of discussion in my coaching and private life.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

1-Who inspires me ? Write down 3 people fictional or none fictional who fuel your positive fire, what feeling comes up?
2-What is it about this person? Write down what feeling this person ignites and why?
3-Who do I choose to be around that sucks my soul dry? Write down everyone you are around by choice who lowers your energy.
4 -Who am I with when I feel truly alive and joyful? Who do I truly love? Recall when you felt ridiculously amazing, who were you with, what feeling did it create?
5 -What do I need to do to do more of that? Who do you need to let go of? What needs to change? Who do I want to spend more QT with? How will I do that?
Take your time over these questions, they could change your life 🙂

There are many  relationship choices I will dive into this year, here’s a few.

I choose to let go of other people’s drama.

I choose to rise up and know I am safe in my own power.

I choose to let go of people pleasing.
I choose to invite new divine relationships into my heart.
I choose to build on the new relationships I have found that fill up my soul.
I choose to take action for myself to make all of the above happen.
I choose to be happy with my own company each and every single day.
I choose not only to know my relationship path but to walk it.

I would love to hear what you choose.

Love Caron xo


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