Are you living a life or a lie?


lead your own life

Lead your own life – Caron Proctor Life Coach Nelson

Are you living a life or a lie?

This is a crazy deep topic, so I will just pop my toe in the water to show you a glimpse of how we can waste our precious lives living big fat lies.

We are wired to belong, connect and be loved, the problem can be we try to
get these human needs met by lying.

We are measured by how we look on the outside and so we take shortcuts to look or be seen a certain way.

To create confidence and have a life of passion we must be true, otherwise
we create anxiety and separation, we blame others and never feel good enough.

The person we pretend to be, the lies we tell just create blocks, cause our bank accounts, bodies and relatiosnhips to break.

No wonder really, our body knows when we are being fake, when we are lying & false.
Mine does.

Most of us haven’t got the courage to be truthful with ourselves or each other.
It can get shitty and dark , however only when we are true can we feel and be free.
We seem to create conflict because we are afraid of conflict. So we lie.

What lies do you tell yourself?

Here are some common ones that I hear my clients and myself recycling.

I want to be healthy but it’s too hard, I have a bad back.
I can’t save money.
I am too busy to …
It’s ok to drink alcohol every day, everyone else does!
It’s their fault I am always angry.
I will lose weight next week.
I am too weak, too tired, too old, too young, too blahhhhhh.
I can’t.
It’s ok.
I deserve those $300 shoes.
He/she will like me if I do X
If I don’t go out every weekend I am a loser.
I need a new jacket.
I need to be with a man/woman to feel happy.
It’s their fault I am unhappy/lonely/sad/trapped
No one makes time for me.
I am not good enough.
One day when…
I’m too scared.
I’m ok.

Often our distorted thinking is incredibly inaccurate and takes us down the same old wrong turns, and so it goes on and on.

Become a private detective and start by fishing out your little lies and bringing them to surface to examine.

What are your sweet little lies?
What is the motivation behind the lie?
What is the fear?

Remember that most of the time our lies are just beliefs, they are not hard facts, you can challenge them and get dump them.

You will always be stuck if you live with the lies.

Stand up and take control , you are the leader of your life, take charge !

Love Caron XO


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