Stop pretending to be somebody that you aren’t.


you are red

Caron Proctor Life Coach

Are you pretending to be somebody that you aren’t?

Believe in your SELF if you want to be successful.

Unlearn all of the crappy habits and ways of being that you picked up.
You must re learn who you truly are.

Learn how to uncover all that seems forgotten, to unleash the past, to live in this moment as the courageous, beautiful you.

There are so many ways to meet your true self.

Here’s a good place to start.

Learn how to slow down.

I don’t mean take it easy, become lazy or dull your sparkle!
I mean learn how to be here right now in this moment, so that you can shut out the mind clutter, so that you can hear your heart’s whisper.

If you want to become more self aware, take a break.

To Do.

  • Turn off your phone, your lap top, shut off your self created distraction.
  • Sit or walk in silence with yourself for 10 – 30 mins. OMG even leave your phone at home!
  • To connect with yourself , you must disconnect with everything false.
  • Feel what’s buried beneath the layers of life situations to find your actual life.
  • Book in 10 – 30 minutes each day to do this, see what comes up & how you feel? Take out your journal and record your inner thoughts without judgment, give your soul space to connect with your mind.
  • In the moments where you are free from distraction, you give yourself space to just be, this is the first step to knowing and reconnecting with your true self.

Get started right now.

You can’t become truly successful if you’re pretending to be somebody you aren’t.

Maybe like me you hadn’t even realised you were pretending?

Enjoy getting to know your bountiful, beautiful, precious self step by step.

I get the best moments of clarity and inspiration when I slow down.

Join me for monthly free life changing tools, by subscribing on my website.
Love Caron XO


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