How to change your life.


praise you

Caron Proctor Life Coach Nelson

We are programmed to run away from pain and run towards pleasure, the bias being either run, fight or freeze to keep safe.
Pain is often fear, sorrow, anger, sadness and also over giving, people pleasing, blaming and undervaluing, our precious self.
So much of our happiness comes from our habits.
Our habits are born from our thoughts which we are recycling day after day.
These thoughts may have existed for decades and feel real, creating our yesterday today and tomorrow. ( I say yesterday and I know it sounds weird, just know that when we recall a past experience we change it, it’s rarely as it truly was ) I myself talk about the past good and bad and have heard myself twist the truth, it’s fairly normal.
When we change our thought process, we can then change our habits and pop more joy into our emotional , pain – full bank accounts.
A friend of mine recently talked about the need to lose weight, we talked about going with paleo, intermittent fasting, lifestyle changes and the daily pressure of being judged.
The main thing is to get clear and positive.
Just saying ‘ I’m fat, I need to lose weight’ simply won’t cut the mustard and will feel mentally heavy, therefor negative and a struggle. ( Remember we run towards pleasure not pain )
We struggle because it feels like it’ll be painful. ( We run away from pain )
It’s not the daily norm to pay full attention to what we eat, whether we are hungry, how the food feels after eating?

Do you remember what it feels like to be truly hungry?
We’re in the habit of mindless, unconscious eating, scoffing down stuff that resembles food before our bodies have given us the signal to eat.
YOU have to tell your brain what you want, clear precise, specific instructions.
Tell your mind great stuff.
If you want to lose weight, don’t say, ‘ I want to lose weight’ that’s negative.
Say precisely what you want. ‘ I want to feel healthy ‘ ‘ I want to have a healthier weight’
Don’t criticise yourself, praise yourself.
Be nicer to you darling!
Positive statements create positive images, the mind thinks in pictures and is then motivated to help you get whatever it is you want.
When you focus on what you don’t want your mind see’s that and finds you more of it.
When you change your thoughts, you change your images, you change your habits, you change your life.
Start with asking yourself what you want, not focusing on what you don’t want.

Ask yourself What do I want? That’s a great start.
Love Caron XO


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