To be stronger, grow slower,become wiser.

limitless dont try to grow

Hey lovely people.
This week I learned a lot about myself, about how I allow others to treat me and about my need to please.

How I  repeatedly allow others to spew their shitty distorted thoughts onto me with my permission.

I have  tried to make others feel loved and liked, it is my strength and my weakness.

I work in the personal growth industry, this is what I do right?

The flip side of being this way is that it can be abused.

I let myself be abused because it’s easier than the possibility of hurting the other.

Up until now…
Today I release the need to be everything to everyone and I am grateful for the growth now that I can feel it.
I work on being more flexible and transcendent knowing that I do not have to have all the answers in order to be a strong independant woman.
I know my strength comes from recognising the steady growth from the story of my life.

I no longer need to feel responsible for everyone’s happiness, I no longer need to feel guilty for other peoples faulty thinking and behaviour.

Whilst it’s wonderful to show love to everyone, it’s sometimes not wise when it takes love away from myself, from my soul.

I have lived in fear of not being good enough most of my life, I am ready to let go of that universal fear.

I awaken to my own strengths and I forgive myself for my weaknesses, I reconsider my own set self limits.

It feels sooooo right.
Thank you to all who have been my teachers.

I reclaim my own true self.

Love Caron xo


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