Get Fear – Less, stop being all safe and unhappy.

I decided to take a deep breath and cut the cord from my ever present and life sucking anxiety.

I was sick of feeling like I was silently drowning. I was fabulous at covering up, I also loathed myself for continuing to stay stuck.

I knew I was here to do something bigger than I was allowing myself. 

And so I owned it. I started to tell everyone. I stood trembling, smiling, but terrified I may die any second, where was the nearest exit? What if I am losing my mind and I pee my pants in the supermarket? I still owned it…

When you see another person who is leading or taking charge of their life remember they too are you and me, they just learned how to Feel the Fear and do it anyway. ( Great book by Susan Jeffers ) Or, they are hiding their fear in another way, maybe they are super kind, or a pain in the ass??
We are all doing the best we know how, to live a happy and meaningful life, aren’t we?
I guess, if you are stuck or you know in your belly that there is more for you then you my darling must learn too how to be brave.
Once we step out and take a risk, we are becoming free.
It’s too easy to look at successful others and forget they had to find courage to dare to be different to be ok with judgment and to be true to their soul calling.

What are you so scared of and what are you going to do about it?
It’s ok to be scared, it’s not ok to waste your precious gifts.
This is it……give yourself a fabulous life however scary it feels, screw being so afraid.

You will never get this day again.

Since I learned how to step over my anxiety and realise I was safe to do so, my life has felt more real than ever before, I still have moments of madness and I’m ok with that.

I speak more of my truth than ever before and I notice myself feeling free and stronger, it feels like I am finally me again, and I am actually very happy about that.

The first step is to acknowledge your lower self, your fear, that you even have it.

Then accept it and decide if you want to move on to taking action and take 100% responsibility for your good self.

Finally, take action, find a coach, get on a kick ass course, do it….just do it.

I now teach and lead others with fierceness because I know it’s worth it, I am no longer afraid to be afraid.

I hope you get to feel that way too.

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Love Caron xo


One thought on “Get Fear – Less, stop being all safe and unhappy.

  1. It’s true. Great post.
    I write a worry list at night. The next day I deal with what I can and let the rest go. Feels great.


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