You are not meant to do life without help.

jane of all trades


Why are you trying to run your life all by yourself?

That was me.
Crappy beliefs around money, feeling guilty and not good enough. Was I lazy? What would a cleaner think of my dusty home? I should make more effort to clean, cook great meals, do better emails, check my spelling, have the body of a 25 year old. I should be able to design a website, market my business, answer everyone’s questions immediately. I must say Yes to everyone. I was undercharging, over giving…. and so much more I’m ashamed but I’m now happy to confess.

What I now know for sure is I was in a low vibe thinking I can or even should do all of these things on my own.

I’m not a web designer an accountant or a techno geek, I’m not 5 people.

I seek a professional when I go to the hairdresser, dentist, to cafe’s, the nail bar, as if it’s essential ( it is ) and yet I struggle to get help in my role as a business woman and housewife. YES I said housewife. I am a wife and Mum with a house. Although this is not my paid occupation it is a role I have.
Since moving to NZ, I had been trying to do to much, holding myself responsible for running the whole department store!!

Last year I woke up after I lost my Dad and my oldest son left home to join the army, life showed me I wasn’t living, I had become scared.
I thought I was a good person but I was needy, over giving and under valuing myself. My body was on fire with anxiety. She knew.
And so I quit being a solopreneur and I started to become courageous again. It was costing me my mental and physical health and my wealth.

I stopped searching the internet for free solutions, I started investing in coaches who knew how to Rock, I said yes to investing quality time with amazing people. I hired a web designer and upgraded my free basic training for premium packages. I bought more efficient technical equipment. I upgraded my business packages to own my value. I gave up coffee meetings with victims who wanted to spew their drama allover my single shot latte.

Most of all I asked for help and learned when I have a team of experts, I can do what I’m called to do at a level that truly makes a big impact on not just my own life but on the lives of many others.

If you want to serve on a higher level, make great money and make a difference in the world, get a team, seek advice, be around people who know their business. Hire a professional who will create systems that will transform your life.

You work on your strengths and get others to work on your weaknesses.

  • Stop spending your precious time wasting your talents as you disappear down a black hole of searching for DIY solutions.
    Stop overthinking the things that take you away from what you are here to do.
  • Work on your strengths and hire help, you will grow stronger and feel amazing because you are focusing all of your efforts on the thing you do best.
    Hang out with a tribe of others with different skills to you.
    Collaborate and build a solid platform.
  • Oh and for your housewife role, talk to your partner and kids, share some of the work. Love the dust, get a cleaner if you feel that would help. Grab a weekly takeout and use the tumble dryer & dishwasher. Get a huge rubbish bin, use lots of baskets, buy less stuff, clear out your crap and leave your kids bedrooms door closed.

Go out with your awesome friends once a week, even if it is early bar, you can still have your jammies on by 7.30pm. Book massages, enjoy great wine and eat dark chocolate.
Take a full day off every now and again, do something funky and keep a free weekend more often.

Love yourself and your funky life.



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