You CAN like yourself, it’s quite ok.


love and sparkles


Self love, hmmm, not many of us are so fabulous at that, so try on self like.

One of the most common blocks I have is lack of self like. Why did I become so hard on myself?  What is it with the shitty streams of self hating ,bossy, critical thoughts coming from my own mind?

Yeah, I know you know we are hard wired for fear and so we find it!!

So try on noticing those dark thoughts and turning the light on, a bt like the monster under your bed, they are not even real.
Let that old habit go right now and make a promise today to drop the harsh criticism and try on being nice to yourself for a change.

Remember you can always find the spark of light if you remember it’s there.

  You are love. You are light.
Love Cx


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