Happy people go to dark places too.

One thing I know for sure is that most of us feel fake, not good enough and we are pretty shitty to ourselves.
The feeling of not good enough and it’s many shades of black is all too common.
What I have learned working with hundreds of women and a quite a few guys is that on some level that feeling keeps us small.
We negativity judge ourselves and others as a natural defence.
What we don’t realise is the damaging ripple effects of such critical judgment.
We rehearse the role of feeling like a victim or of feeling hurt every day in some way.
In many ways, we feel unloved, unhappy, attacked or like a fraud who’s about to get found out.
This feels like crap and we can feel anxious or depressed on a level so familiar we believe that’s just who we are.
Listen to your daily thoughts.
Watch which roles you play.
See how you separate yourself from a bigger, happier life.
Witness your patterns and see where you step into fear.

  • Check into your inner scared chatterbox, how are you talking to yourself?
    Voice of love – An internal cheerleader, nurturer, inspirer?
    Voice of fear – the victim, hiding, attacking blaming, shaming?
    Choose Voice of Love and see how that transforms your whole life 😉

Love always,

Caron xoxo


happy girls.jpg


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