Happy people go to dark places too.

Happy people go to dark places too.

One thing I know for sure is that most of us on some level feel fake or not good enough. We are shitty to ourselves and it leaks out onto others.

As a coach, I hate the saying, ‘As a coach.’ As if, because I am a coach, I should know better, and I am not allowed to have darkness. Coaches are humans too 😉. Someone said to me the other day, ‘Well, as a coach, you should……” That felt mean and unfair, I felt the trigger of not being accepted just as I am. Is a hairdresser not allowed bad hair days, or a doctor a cough?

I am ok going to my dark cave, and I love the high vibes of blissful happiness, I flirt with the spectrum of emotions. I dance between them all. It’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok to be happy.

Happiness, to me, isn’t about flash clothes, unicorns, earning loads of money and looking like I have it all going on. That’s just me, my version, it’s ok if it’s different to yours.

To me, I know happiness is the thing inside my body that feels at peace, alive, shiny on the inside and I know it hides away some days. I am happy with that! If I was happy clappy every single moment, that would be my norm. What’s up with that?? When anything becomes the norm, we forget to appreciate it. When we eat ice-cream every day, we lose the actual taste.

I urge you to resist comparing yourself to anyone, I will say it again, A N Y O N E.

Come on, you know, we only see a snapshot of other people’s lives and we many never ever truly know them. So, stop that, work on yourself, dig the weeds out of your own garden and then stop to smell the roses.

You can spend your time in endless, chaotic noise, or you can slow down your busy mind and focus on the fact that, YOU ARE OK! No matter what. You’ll handle it.

We aren’t meant to be happy every single moment, we are here to be real, to learn, to teach, to grow.

When we have the shitty times, we can grow the most gorgeous flowers. (What do we plant our seeds in?) Think about it.

Start today to be ok, not being ok, it’s not going to last.

We Are All Broken. That’s How the Light Gets In

Love & Stardust
Caron xoxo

woman in black zip up jacket with black backpack

Photo by i love simple beyond on Pexels.com


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