F Off dream crusher!

What if things don’t go the way I want them to?
What if I am average?
What if I fail?
What if people don’t like me?
What if I am pushing things too far?
What if I lose everything?
What if success is meant for someone else?
What if I let someone down?
What if I am not what my family wants me to be?
What if I change the way I think about myself?
What if I decide who and how I am going to be?
What if I can change lives?
What if I can be more powerful that I dare think?
What if me dreams can be real?
What if my fear of not being good enough or told I am weird becomes my fear of what if my life is a miracle and it’s time to stop selling myself short?
What if I stop wasting my time trying to convince others because I am the only one who must be convinced?
What I know now is who I am today is a product of my past and my dreams.
What I know now is I am the one who decides if I fail or succeed.
I know I must take the dangerous rd of being judged, challenged and I must embrace the fear.
I must no longer doubt myself.
Ask yourself how bad you want a brilliant life, to make a difference, to live each day on purpose?
You don’t have to be someone to fit another person’s expectations of who they want you to be.
Be fierce in your mission, no one can tell you how to be.
Push forward, no shortcuts, feel the life force in your belly or your chest.
You have the power to get yourself through to the next level.
Most people give up, but not you!
You have to know now, that you and your rd ahead is uncertain and you are precious, step forward and accept the challenge.
No one can know what’s inside your soul, sing your own song, be brave.
Love yourself, you are amazing.
Love Caron xo


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