So, what do you do? ( That shitty, bland question that we ask by default )

Those of you who are in Tribe know my ever growing hatred, yes I know it’s a strong word, deal with is, yes hatred for that question. To me it is such a surface , none human thing to ask.

‘ So, what you do?’ ( Throws up a little bit in mouth )

And how do you answer?

What label do you stick on your chest?
What are you trying so hard to prove?
What do you say to this awful question?

Most of the time when we are not being totally honest with who we are we show up as a fake version of our beautiful self, we are scared and it feels like crap, it’s such bullshit. We say what we do and it sounds wonky.

The next time someone asks you, hear what you say and notice how that feels?
Are you giving a title? What role are you playing?
Are you defensive?
Do you feel like you should be something more?

I know when I say I am a Life Coach, I can go on saying what else, like listing all my titles …it feels inauthentic and out of alignment with who I am.
And so I can over explain ….ewwww such bullshit. Shut up!!! ( me in my head, or my friend Alison )

I’m scared that I may look like I haven’t got my shit together all of the time or that it’s a profession that literally anyone can choose to say they do, it has little strength to me, and does not hit the mark and so it feels negative.

My job title may be Life Coach and in many ways that’s what I do, however, it’s not who I am and so it feels yucky. I chose that because I can’t find anything else that is easy to understand for now.
If you can think of something else, please tell me! Life Queen?? That would be funny, to me for 2 seconds anyway.

This is a recent awareness, even though my body has been telling me for 5 years.
And so instead when I am asked the standard bland question, “what do you do?” I will say, I am a lid lifter, or something else…. That is more truthful to me, I help people take the lids of their lives, I inspire people, I have deep conversations that lead to transformation, yes that feels better, that feels like me.

Who are you as a person? What sparks your fire, what get’s your mojo on??
Rather than have the perfect thing to tell everybody, just say, here’s the stuff I’m into, this is pretty groovy, this is cool, I love this…

How about you?

What do you do…… 😉

Try this for yourself.

Love Caron xox


3 thoughts on “So, what do you do? ( That shitty, bland question that we ask by default )

    • Thank you for reading and commenting 😉 I have recently launched a group where we have 50 members who meet up and we do amazing things. One thing that triggered me was hearing some of the women ask ‘so what do you do?’ as a conversation opener and I noticed so many uncomfortable responses. We get so hooked up in what people do for a living, we forget to ask how people are doing. What is a better question for a stranger to ask a stranger?? It’s a tough one eh? Also, some of the women who wanted to join the group were put off because they didn’t want to be asked that!
      Thanks again,
      Love Cx

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