When you don’t want to Monday

Sometimes you just gotta say no to your Monday morning, it’s ok you know ?

Stop feeling so guilty about feeling low or tired, take a morning off, take a day off, take a week.  Why we feel we have to keep going even when we are sick is one of lifes traps, we are made to feel guilt because we care too much about what others will think.  We have been feeling unworthy since we started school and the system created separation and judgement.  It’s not our fault.  Most of us have a low level, not good enough programme humming away underneath the surface of the person we pretend to be.

Start to notice when you feel not good enough, or something similar and remember, it’s not true.

Start to notice when you do feel good enough, when you managed to do something that was actually pretty funky. I am sure you do have these moments to gold amongst the garbage.

But first, simply stop reinforcing attack thoughts and a low mood by feeling guilty, go on, take some time off, the world will carry on and you may even have fun.  When I was at school we called it wagging off.  It felt a bit scary at first, then the thrill of freedom took over and we had the craziest of days.  I survived that, I didn’t get locked up or arrested, no one got hurt and me and my crazy friends created some life long fuzzy & warm memories.

So ok, I am wagging off this morning, take that !!!


Have a fun day, even if you want to hide under your blanket, do that !!


Love Caron xx

eddie says no


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