Be more like a Mars Bar

Sometimes you just gotta say no to working and stay in your pajamas.

Stop feeling so guilty about feeling low or tired, take a morning off, take a day off, take a week.  Why we feel we have to keep going even when we are sick is one of life’s traps. We are made to feel guilt because we care too much about what others will think.  We have been feeling unworthy since we started school and the systems created separation and judgement.  It’s not our fault.  Most of us have a low level, not good enough programme humming away underneath the surface of the person we pretend to be.  We have forgotten to rest and play.

Do this:

Start to notice when you feel tired, low or fed up.

Remember it’s ok to not be ok all of the time.

Stop reinforcing attack thoughts, observe your crazy talk and smile, it’s not real.

If you genuinely need to stay home or take a day off, do it.

Create boundaries for your work day, you can be flexible, but have clean lines so that you can switch off. Turn off your devices every day at a certain time.

Create a list of the stuff you used to do for fun/play, call back your inner child.

Check your diary, how much time off do you have scheduled?  I mean, actual time off, no plans, just time for you to play, sleep, relax??

Create time outs, for yourself, book them in. Five minutes to five days, you choose.  (I used to book 24 hr escapes in a cool hotel with Paul when the boys were babies).

Book a holiday, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can stay home in your pyjamas. Book it in. I used to advise my clients to create a ‘ hotel bedroom’. That’s another story.

Go on, take some time off, the world will carry on and you may even have fun.

When I was at school we called it wagging off.  It felt a bit scary, then the thrill of freedom took over and we had the craziest of days.  I survived that, I didn’t get arrested, no one got hurt, and me and my crazy friends created some life long fuzzy & warm memories.

So be a rebel, put yourself first, book the time off, hide under blankets, ride a train, read a book, eat icecream for breakfast.  Mar Bars knew what to do… work, rest and play.

Have a fun day, hang out with your inner child.

Love Caron xx


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