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 Create a smoother ride with easy meditations.

Because I once found myself sitting on the floor of my son’s bedroom, unable to answer the phone and a stack of other anxiety fuelled scenarios, it felt more and more impossible to breathe. I was worried I was going to be taken away by the men in white coats, I was terrified. I didn’t know really what it meant to meditate, but I felt sure it would be worth finding out.
That was 15 years ago. In stillness I find my super power, my higher self.

Why meditate?

There’s loads of complex reasons, but let’s start super simple.
Meditation has been around for thousands of years and for this first step, let’s just say it will change your crazy, messy life. It will change your vibe. No chanting or lotus position necessary, but you can do that if it floats your soul.

What’s the point?

It’s helpful to have an easy reason to meditate. You probably want a quick fix, well you can have it!
The easiest way I remind myself is that I am happier, less attacky, less needy, less feeling like a victim. I activate my higher self and everything, seriously everything smells sweeter.

I am stronger and calmer. This is my platform for a happy me.
So, I would say, the easiest reminder for me is, I love to feel super calm/strong. I love creating a happy vibe, no wine necessary. I love my life when I love myself.

Write down the reasons you want to meditate, what do you want to feel like more of the time?

Holding on to trauma causes more drama.

We feel dark lugging around our heavy pain stories, that’s another chapter, but for now let’s use meditation to chuck out some of that gnarly weight.

Negative vibes feel, hmm, well negative, we struggle to create an authentic happy day. It makes perfect sense eh? We know when we do our fake smile, when we see others pretending to be happy, it’s sad. But, we carry on anyway.
This causes a crappy release of stress chemicals and blocks happiness, it’s turbulent and uncomfortable.

Meditation, soothes the bumpy mind, taking us into our peaceful heart space. Meditating will unleash your natural happy by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. Trust me on that.

When you learn how to be still and smooth, you will love it and you will notice quicker when you aren’t. This is extremely helpful, the sooner you notice the switch to agitation, you can slow it down and train yourself to be aware of what thinking/circumstance caused that. The sooner you feel the triggers, the less chance of sliding down the mudslide into a dark and cold pit of stink. You can let go sooner, fall but pause before the long slide into conflict. There then is less to let go of, you’re no longer building pain on top of pain.
It’s all about the pause, the slowing down, the witnessing of fear-based thoughts.

So, let’s do a Billy Basics Med. No excuses, we are doing this right now.

• Select a piece of chill out music, create a play list later.
• Start with 3-4 mins.
• Find a place to sit, you don’t have to sit lotus pose on a cushion, you can sit anywhere.
• Play the track.
• Get still.
• Close your eyes, softly.
• Relax your shoulders away from your ears, then relax them even deeper.
• Soften your eyelids and your jaw, even part your lips a little.
• Simply take a slow full breath in through your nose, s l o w… slower, fill up your chest, belly, body. BREATH IN. Say the words, breathing in, breathing in, breathing in.
• Pause for 2 seconds.
• Exhale breathe out through your mouth, slow and steady, long and fully. Saying, breathing out, breathing out breathing out, then pause and repeat.

That’s it, super easy eh??

What’s gonna happen is your busy mind will be pestering you with all the stuff you should be doing, because that’s what you’ve programmed yourself to do…be busy and worry.

That’s ok, simply notice the thoughts pop up and let them move along like suitcases on a carousel, they will come back if they are truly yours.

I know it sounds like it is too easy and won’t have any effect, but I promise you that thousands of years of meditation wasn’t a waste, it’s growing in popularity because it’s friggin awesome.

Do this every morning, just as you brush your teeth, no matter what. The busier you are the more you will need this.
Do this several times a day if you want to feel amazeballs.
This is a basic practice, there’s so many more, but let’s be kind to you and start right here, right now.

It’s you against you, you can start this life changing practice and move to you for you.

Commit to this for the rest of your life and create the best of your life.

Unless you want to stay stuck?

Love & Stardust


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